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George Carlin: I Kinda Like it When a Lotta People Die

I’m very happy to finally share this. Next month, something I worked on for the better part of four years is being released. A new George Carlin LP.

I’ve been working with his daughter Kelly Carlin and his manager Jerry Hamza to preserve and digitize the boxes of recordings he saved in his archives. He left cassette tapes with handwritten notes. We did our best to follow his clues and honor his intention. This release is primarily a record of what was to be included in his November 2001 HBO Special, originally titled I Kinda Like it When a Lotta People Die. After 9-11, the title was changed to Complaints and Grievances and much of that material was reworked or thrown out. You’ll finally get to hear the original routines. The opening track is from a home recording in 1957, and the rest of the record was edited from shows that took place September 9 and 10, 2001 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The bonus tracks include interviews with Jerry Hamza and Rocco Urbisci, and an earlier version of the closing piece. The liner notes were written by Lewis Black. The cover photo was taken by Dan Dion, who George said “photographs from the inside out.” To borrow a phrase from the Class Clown LP, This album would not have been possible without the loving help of: Taylor Negron, Louis Durra, Richard Green, Teri Bernardi, Jake Bluenote, Jeffrey Fiskin, Christine Robison, Paul Provenza, Shabrena Barnard, Chris Baseford, and Chuck Plotkin.

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The Moth Rehearsal - photo by Kenneth Locker

“The Band The Bible.”

Taylor and I thought of that name at Jimmy and Maggie’s house. It was Father’s Day. We were away from the party, upstairs, writing. We bought the domains and just laughed.

A while back, we were on stage in New York at a generic comedy night. Shows like that were always a surprise. Those audiences were never prepared for Taylor. And those were the nights that the only material I knew we would not do was what we had rehearsed. A woman came up after and said, “When you walked on I thought you were a Christian band.”

We performed under a few names since 2008. Satellites. The Unbearable Lightness of Being Taylor Negron. The Mayan Countdown. Taylor and Logan. It was always shaped by the audience and the environment. I learned everything on those stages.

I have been slow to respond to the outpour. But I really appreciate everyone who has reached out. This is a huge loss. He impacted everyone he knew or met, deeply. He gave everyone full and intense attention. I’m so moved by all these posts.

We met at a Starbucks when he talked my friend through an upsetting situation. He made us laugh, and told us the facts.

“More to come.”

2014 So far… April

This short I made for History of Cool about Taylor Negron’s art will be showing in all Laemmle Theaters for the next couple months:

Taylor and I performed at Comedy Central Stage for Sit N Spin:

Sit N Spin 4-17-2014 2Taylor and I performed at the Comedy Store:

Taylor and Logan Comedy Store 4-16-2014

I was paired with Natalie Gelman at Top Tune:

Top Tune 4-12-2014 2

With Fernando Perdomo, Clayton Severson, Natalie Gelman, Aliya Marie and Franco & The Dreadnought at Top Tune:

Top Tune 4-12-2014 1