my website has seen better days

I’ve been using iWeb to make the new I’m not really happy with the limitations (or the results) but it has been fun, in a helpless sort of way. Not having a music player is one of the worst parts. I’m just linking to my sonicbids page for now.

I first bought the domain name in 2003 or 2004. Joey Mornin built my first site. It had awesome php forms for me to use to update the shows and mail contacts. Joey, those were fun times. I wish I had screen shots of the olden day site. I would put it up again. I’m pretty much stuck in 2004 anyway.

My website has lived through a few incarnations since that first one. A few years ago, in the process of leaving a bad web host, was sold to some scamming company and I didn’t have it for about a year. The bad web host had refused to give me the authorization code when I refused to renew. The domain went public and when I went to get it, it was not available. I was soon contacted by the buyers and they wanted me to pay about $3000 to get it back. I bought the .net and told them good luck finding another buyer. (Anyone know another Logan Heftel? I think I’m the only one on Earth.)

After months of unsuccessful haggling, they apparently sold it to a similar company who made first contact with an innocent approach: “We see you own the .NET, how would you like to increase your business by owning the more credible .COM?” They even had a bullet point list of reasons why it is advantageous to have a .com rather than a .net, as though I had originally sought out a .net site. They wanted only $300 for my name dot com.

I took an idea from a beautifully short-lived Comedy Central show called “Con” with Skyler Stone. I replied with an email explaining that what they were doing was ILLEGAL (repeated bold and capitalized a few times throughout) and I CC’d a lawyer whose name and address I found on Google. I did end up paying them a little bit, but it was much closer to what a new domain name actually costs.

After getting the name back, it has existed only to redirect. First to an Electronic Press Kit hosted by After that fell through, I redirected the name to myspace for longer than I care to admit. Now it redirects to the iWeb site. All the while the old EPK is still at the top of the search engines. I have a lot of work to do. I like that EPK a lot, and I hope it can be updated and turned into something again. But if not, I am still trying to improve the iWeb-do-it-myself approach until a better option is possible.

I’m open to suggestions if you are.

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