The late start to the New Year

The first week of a year never counts anyway.

I started my online spring cleaning early. You may have noticed my blogs and my website are gone. I’m starting over this year. A new website will be up someday. Right now I’m refocusing my social networking efforts.

First off, I’m syncing my pages. I’ve been too sporadic and unorganized in the past. I have accounts with myspace, facebook, a facebook artist page, twitter, ilike, mindsay, virb, youtube (old videos: gone. new videos: soon.) and Probably some others I forgot about. It’ll all come together.

I was aware of this shift toward online self promotion early, but I procrastinated. I started my myspace page in 2005, after watching from the sidelines for over two years. I joined the others slowly. I always join late, most recently with twitter. Each time a new site made it big, I knew I’d eventually have to participate. For some reason, I’ve been hesitant to really jump into this social networking craze. I like to say I’ve been “careful.” I’ve been observing. Passive.

But musicians, like almost every other profession nowadays, have to be self-promotors. I’ve had a fairly successful time these last five years traveling, performing and writing, despite my neglect of the online community. How cool would it have been to have updated my sites every day? How many stories have I lost, how much better would I understand myself? This year I’m starting this project to see what happens. Along the way I’ll talk about some of my experiences these last few years living out of a suitcase and playing my songs.

I now have an apartment here in Los Angeles. Our internet was hooked up today. So, day one is now. I made a few simple rules for myself as I join the ranks of bloggers and tweeters. First, I will write a blog every day, short or long. Second, I will publish a video blog every week, short or long. Last, I will update my status as I see fit. I still hate the idea of constant notifications of daily errands. But, that may change. Everything does.

This is how I will stay on track as I work on my next release. So far songs are being written and demoed, slowly. I’ll give you some previews and take your feedback. Hopefully, this year, an album will take shape. And hopefully, you’ll play a part.

Thanks for caring.

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