midem off showcase competition results

Hey Everyone,

I am writing to you from Toronto, Canada. I haven’t been able to get online too often, so this message is coming a little later than I would have liked.

After a few delays, the judges finally made their selection. I did not get the showcase in France, but I am proud to say that your votes worked. I stayed in the top 10 for the last two weeks of the competition, and finished at #9. When I first emailed you asking for help, I was sitting at #49. Your response and support in voting every day was so unexpected and encouraging. Thank you for helping me make it to the judges round. We accomplished everything we possibly could. (You can go “unlike” Midem now.) I will make it to France another time…

For those of you who didn’t receive a free download of my new live CD, please let me know and I’ll get it to you.

This will be my last post for the year. If you haven’t heard of Kelly Carlin’s podcast, check out her most recent episode. In the beginning she asks a series of questions to ponder this time of year. I’ve been asking them of myself, and I think you’ll enjoy them too. (Daryl’s interview is fantastic too.)

I hope you all have peace this holiday season, and a wonderful conclusion to 2011. I will see you in 2012.

Thank you so much,


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