The Moth Rehearsal - photo by Kenneth Locker

“The Band The Bible.”

Taylor and I thought of that name at Jimmy and Maggie’s house. It was Father’s Day. We were away from the party, upstairs, writing. We bought the domains and just laughed.

A while back, we were on stage in New York at a generic comedy night. Shows like that were always a surprise. Those audiences were never prepared for Taylor. And those were the nights that the only material I knew we would not do was what we had rehearsed. A woman came up after and said, “When you walked on I thought you were a Christian band.”

We performed under a few names since 2008. Satellites. The Unbearable Lightness of Being Taylor Negron. The Mayan Countdown. Taylor and Logan. It was always shaped by the audience and the environment. I learned everything on those stages.

I have been slow to respond to the outpour. But I really appreciate everyone who has reached out. This is a huge loss. He impacted everyone he knew or met, deeply. He gave everyone full and intense attention. I’m so moved by all these posts.

We met at a Starbucks when he talked my friend through an upsetting situation. He made us laugh, and told us the facts.

“More to come.”

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