2013 so far… November

I’ve let this site sit quietly. It’s been a pretty great year.

Since I last updated I’ve played several shows. UnCabaret a couple weeks ago. One of my absolute favorite stages to play. Beth sent me some lyrics the morning of the show and I wrote a song, made charts and performed it that night with Mitch, Denise and Louis Van Taylor. I did Top Tune again, twice since I last posted. Wrote with Pi Jacobs and with Kiki Ebsen. That’s Kiki in the blurry background of this photo Sharon Alagna took. Logan Heftel Top Tune 11-2-2013Had some tremendous episodes of Waking From The American Dream and The Kelly Carlin Show. Not a surprise. History of Cool’s interview with Kelly was a very exciting success. Our interview with Dan Bern and bonus video are some of my favorites. We’ve shot well over 100 interviews and continue to shoot more. We interviewed the founder of the LA Weekly yesterday. So many great videos will be going up in the coming weeks and in the new year. I continue to chip away at recording my original tunes, and I have to say I am quite enjoying the freedom and creativity in my life. I’m making songs, videos and podcasts. I am at a point where I can honestly say I love what I’m doing and I’m grateful to be here.

This song by Dan Bern is just great. I intend to update again before the year is out, but in case I don’t, here’s to 2014:


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