John Elliott has a new album and you should know about it.


About a year ago I told you about an artist named John Elliott after seeing him perform an acoustic set and a one-man show in the same weekend. Yesterday he released a new album called Good Goodbyes. You should buy it. And you should listen to it start to finish. I don’t say this often and I don’t say this lightly. I mean really listen, like you used to do when you would purchase physical music from a physical music store. Go home and put on headphones. Do nothing but experience the music in real time. No texting, no tweeting. Just listen.

This album is everything that independent music in 2013 should be; you can hear the lack of interference. John is as much a sound designer as he is a producer. John treats the listener as an equal and never sugar-coats or dumbs it down. He takes risks lyrically and musically, and he has the talent and craft to execute. As a songwriter, he never paints himself the victim or takes the easy line out. He is always saying something new. You believe every word he says, even when you can’t believe what you just heard. He gives equal weight to seriousness and silliness. He writes as only someone who lives life so aware and engaged could. I relived specific moments of my life while listening to this record. I relived specific goodbyes. Sonically, you are hooked from the first note to the last. It is a ride with structure. It is full of surprises.

The songs on Good Goodbyes live a very different life when performed on an acoustic guitar. This is why you have to buy the album and buy tickets to a show. Also, Good Goodbyes was pre-released as a bright purple cassette. John’s discography has range. Do some John Elliott research. There’s a lot. Wear headphones. Don’t text.


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