2013 so far.. July

So much I have not been keeping you informed of. Just performed at Tasty Words with Andrew Goldenhersh, Larry Wilmore, Jill Demby Guest and other amazing minds. History of Cool is up and running in it’s initial interview series. Episodic programming and a feature documentary on in pre-production. Had so many incredible guests on Waking From The American Dream including Sue Costello, Illeana Douglas, Peter Joseph, Rick Overton, Erin Brown, Dave Rubin and more. Recorded Kevin Pollack for The Kelly Carlin Show on Sirius XM. I’m producing Danny Lobell’s new podcast. Did Top Tune a fourth time. I’m doing UnCab again this Sunday. I’m going to New York to write, record and perform with Taylor Negron. I’ll be doing Bill Berry’s Songwriter’s Square in LA on August 18. And I’m recording with some amazing musicians here at Next Step Studios.

If you’re in LA this Sunday, come to First and Hope and see me at UnCabaret. Click on this photo from Tasty Words for tickets:tastywordsmagic

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